Land of Blue – My Maldivian Adventure! (Part 2)

First Things First… “First I prepare. Then I have faith” – Joe Namath The vast and seemingly endless ocean had always been my fascination with the Maldives, I  had nursed the thought of visiting the place until I finally got the chance. However, there was just one problem. I couldn’t swim. At all. So I … More Land of Blue – My Maldivian Adventure! (Part 2)

Land of Blue – My Maldivian Adventure! (Part 1)

“Blue skies, smilin’ at me Nothin’ but blues skies do I see…” (Lyric excerpt from ‘Blue skies’ by Frank Sinatra) ‘Where are you from?’ My initial thoughts after I heard that question for the umpteenth was “Maldivians must be very nosy people!”. Almost everyone we encountered in the Maldives asked us that question; the taxi driver, … More Land of Blue – My Maldivian Adventure! (Part 1)

Limitations, Limitations! Excuses, Excuses!

“Expectation without participation is only imagination”  ~ Iain Duthie My swimming instructor is a 19-year old drill sergeant (ok, that’s an exaggeration and she’s not that bad) and one of my swimming mates is a 70-year old Rockstar! What do these two people who are generations apart have in common? The answer is simple. No … More Limitations, Limitations! Excuses, Excuses!